About apic

APIC provides an end to end solution for APIs, staring from design to documentation to testing. With a simplistic UI for Designing APIs and a feature rich platform for testing them, APIC provides a common platform for your designers, developers and testers.

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A simplistic yet a powerful tool to conceptualize & design your APIs.

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A sophisticated tool for testing your APIs with features like Test suits, Environments, Schema validations, random data generation etc

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API Docs

Generate beautiful functional documentation from your API design and share with the world.

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A platform to simulate your api responses so that both backend and frontend can work at the same time.




Designing your PAIs before starting development could significantly reduce cost, effort and time to market. No matter how complex your API design may be, with APIC's designer tool you can convert them to beautiful visual representations. Know more >>

Start designing from scratch or import existing
No matter how complex your API design may be, with APIC's designer tool you can convert them to beautiful visual representations. You can either start from scratch by creating a new project or import an existing one. Know more >>
Visualize your API design
Visually represent your API endpoint by defining header, body, params (path, query), all possible response types and their respective schema. Know more
Reuse Stuff
You can create models and traits and reuse them across your project either my adding them to an endpoint (traits) or by referring them (models) in any JSON schema. Know more
Sophisticated Schema designer
APIC provides a very Sophisticated and Powerful tool for defining the structure of your data by defining JSON schema. Alternatively if you have a JSON schema you can convert it into a beautiful visual representation by pasting it in the text area under JSON schema tab.


APIC provides a powerful platform for testing your APIs. With features like test suits,multiple environments, schema validations, random data generation; you can perform an end to end testing of your APIs. Know more about Tester here. Know more

Make API requests
Make API call by defining URL, method, add Query params, Headers, Body and Authorization. Save them for later. Share with others. You can also send dynamic data in body each time you make the request. Know more
Instantly switch Environments
APIC allows you to manage environments. Add multiple environment variables. Use them in while making API calls to switch between environments. Know more
Test with Scripts and Schema
You can add test cases by adding them in scripts panel. Also validate the response against a predefined schema. Know more
Create Test Suits. Test with a single click
Create Test Suits, add requests into them. Select Environment. Run them in sequence with a single click. Know more
Generate test report
Want to share the run result with others? click on the Download button in the Run Results panel. This will download an HTML file the you can open with any browser to see the run result. Know more


APIC can convert your APIs designs into beautiful functional documentations that will help others to get on board faster. Know more