About APIC

APIC provides a complete end to end solution for APIs; staring from design to documentation to testing. With a simplistic UI for Designing APIs and a feature rich platform for testing them, APIC provides a common platform for your designers, developers and testers.


APIC privides a simplistic yet a powerful platform to design your APIs by defining models, traits and endpoints. It also helps to group them into folders. Know more about the Designer here.


APIC can convert your APIs designs into beautiful functional documentations that will help others to get on board faster. Know more about Docs here.


APIC provides a powerful platform for testing your APIs. With features like test suits,multiple environments, schema validations, random data generation; you can perform an end to end testing of your APIs. Know more about Tester here.

What's next?

Well before you use APIC you will have to install it first.

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